ARKEN from 1996 to present day

Since its opening in 1996, ARKEN has undergone regular changes.
ARKEN from 1996 to present day

Photo: Lars Skaaning

The 2008 extension

In 2008, ARKEN opened its doors to a new exhibition room of a total of 1600 m2.

This increased ARKEN’s exhibition area to 5000 m2 and the museum became one of Denmark’s biggest. The original exhibition room is characteristic with its high ceilings and walls built in raw concrete.

By contrast, the new exhibition room from 2008 has lowered ceilings, and the rooms lie like white boxes one after the other.

The annexe was designed by Anna Maria Indrio from C.F.Møllers Tegnestue. It was designed to respect ARKEN’s distinctive architecture and to blend in with the existing facades’ proportions.

The 2009 extension

ARKEN was extended by 1100 m2 in 2009 thanks to a generous donation from the Annie and Otto Johs. Detlefs’ Foundation.

ARKEN’s original architect, Søren Robert Lund, designed a new entrance section, which was bigger and brighter.

Meanwhile, the ARKEN SHOP received a more prominent position.

One of the uncovered outdoor areas was also rebuilt as a sculpture hall.

ARKEN from 1996 to present day

Photo: Lars Skaaning

ARKEN from 1996 to present day

The Art Island, Møller & Grønborg

The Art Island in 2016

In 2014, ARKEN started yet another construction project – this time focusing on the museum’s outdoor area – and in the beginning of 2016 The Art Island was a reality.

With The Art Island ARKEN has been brought closer to the architect Søren Robert Lund’s original vision for the museum, which is its location by the water.

Architect and planning company Møller & Grønborg is behind this ambitious plan to dig up the area surrounding the museum, so that ARKEN now is situated on an island.

Read more about The Art Island here.


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