Pop music and art meet in a sensory explosion of music videos, video art, sculptures, paintings and installations. Rhythm and image merge in 22 works, inviting you to take part in a veritable bombardment of the mind and body.

7 October 2017 to 25 March 2018

Featuring: Adel Abidin – Beck – Blondage – Candice Breitz – Damien Hirst – Die Antwoord & Roger Ballen – Ditte Ejlerskov  Elton John & Sam Taylor-Johnson – Jacob Bellens & Rikke Benborg – Jesper Just – Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg – Lady Gaga  Marilyn Minter – Martin Creed – Micha Klein – Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg – Pipilotti Rist – Ruth Ewan – Sia – The Hours Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Music for the eyes

Is Sia’s music video Elastic Heart art or entertainment? Or is it both? Pop music has always existed in the eyes as well as ears of the consumer – a key aspect of selling and promoting music via mass media. But the visual aspect of pop music is also creative and artistic. It can amplify, twist or interpret the music we hear.

Like the film and advertising industries, pop music is often inspired by contemporary art. In music video the boundary between art and commercial product shifts constantly. But what gets added to a music video when a musician or director dips into the reservoir of visual art?



Sia, Elastic Heart, 2013. Directors Sia & Daniel Askill. © 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Marilyn Minter

Artworks full of music

Pop music surrounds us. It appeals to the senses and has a major impact on our daily lives, social relationships and political opinions. Which is why it inspires, provokes and stimulates visual artists like Pipilotti Rist and Candice Breitz.

As well as music videos, MY MUSIC presents video art, paintings and installations by artists whose works explore and challenge pop music, fan culture and mass media. Works that draw on the style and emotional appeal of pop and question what pop means for how we perceive each other and ourselves.



Lady Gaga


Artistic collaborations

The intersection of pop music and art is packed with close, creative collaborations, not least when it comes to the production of music videos. Music needs a visual hook to stick in the minds of consumers on platforms like YouTube, and visual art can reach the mainstream when accompanied by pop music.

MY MUSIC explores the common ground of music and visual art. A prime example is musician Jacob Bellens and artist Rikke Benborg who unite sound and image in the music video Untouchable. Together, they create a poetic, audiovisual expression and at the same time communicate their own practice to a new audience.



Jacob Bellens: Untouchable, 2016. Director Rikke Benborg. With special thanks to Christian Alkjær, Evan Reehl Ryer, ISCP New York, the Danish Arts Foundation

Co-curation with local teenagers

Teenagers from Ishøj Youth School have contributed to the development of the exhibition through their input on which music videos to choose, the video communication strategy, and their perspectives on the theme of the exhibition. Younes Barakat, one of the young people who has taken part in MY MUSIC describes the role visuals play in his experience of music:

“The works we base our definition of art on usually only involve one of the five senses: Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is only for the eyes, whereas Mozart’s Requiem is only for the ears. So when you enjoy an audiovisual work that stimulates more than one sense it makes your experience of the art more intense. The video supplements the music – and vice versa.”

In this film, a couple of the teenagers are presented with the video Worship by Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg. The film features: Lucas Lorentzen, Yousef Jaddi & Milishia Moradi. Photo: Anders Knudsen.

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