If ARKEN’s walls could talk, they would tell you that…

… they have born works from artists such as Picasso, Margritte and Frida Kahlo.


…the floor in the Art Axis has carried a 43 tonne Chinese railway carriage. It was 25 metres long and was brought into the museum in 500 parts.


…ARKEN is 220 metres long. This equates to the length of two football pitches.


…it took eight months to cast the concrete floor in the Art Axis.


…the Art Axis only has two corners.


…..the cloakroom’s walls were originally supposed to be covered in red velvet to highlight the room’s intimate atmosphere.


….ARKEN is 18 metres tall at the building’s highest point. This equates to five floors in a normal building.


….the wash basins in the toilets under the foyer each weigh two tonnes. They were cast in situ as some of the first contents of the building, which means ARKEN has literally been built around these ‘monuments’.


… the black stone in the foyer weighs 36 tonnes. This equates to the weight of five elephants. In the Ice Age, Ishøj and all of Køge Bay were covered in ice. The granite block is a monument from the past and testament to the ice sea that existed here thousands of years ago, where ARKEN now lies.

If ARKEN’s walls could talk, they would tell you that…

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