ARKEN provides creative workshops and courses for adults.

Photo: Tina Agnew

Creative Workshops

ARKEN offers creative workshop for groups of max. 20 persons. The workshop is three hours long and takes place in the workshop ARKEN CREATIVE.


Workshops can be booked by emailing: [email protected]


Weekdays: DKK 3500 + entrance (for coffee and cake there is an extra cost of 75 kr. pr. person)

Wednesdays after 5pm and Saturdays: DKK 4000 + entrance (for coffe and cake there is an extra cost of 75 kr. pr. person)

Art School

Together with an art teacher you get the opportunity to get close to works of art and work both practically and theoretically with selected themes and techniques.

The three to four hour course allows time to visit the exhibitions to discuss and study selected works. The theoretical experiences are followed up at each session by practical exercises and techniques in ARKEN’s workshop CREATIVE.


Each group is taught 8 x 3 hour sessions. All the teachers are academy-trained. A group is a min. of 12 and a max. of 20 participants.

We normally teach the courses in Danish. If you speak another language please call and ask ahead.


Photo: Tina Agnew