The sculpture park is in full bloom and spectacular works from the museum's collection, as well as works by Karolin Schwab, has occupied the lagoon and the landscape around ARKEN.

9. juni til 4. oktober 2020


Karolin Schwab, My Floating Home, 2020. Courtesy Karolin Schwab

Karolin Schwab


Karolin Schwab, The Cloud's Song, 2020. Courtesy Karolin Schwab

Elbow room and a place in our hearts

The sense of freedom: most people know it in these latitudes, but is it freedom on borrowed time? Right now, people all over the world are experiencing the consequences of a global pandemic. It’s something we are all sharing. We have all felt the life-giving importance of social togetherness and physical activity, fresh air and the wind in our hair. Making room for thought, each other, play and physical expression is as relevant as ever.

This summer’s outdoor exhibition Making Room is about freedom of movement and togetherness at a time when freedom as well as personal space are negotiable politically and are being discussed in every private home. Making Room focuses on open and closed space, boundaries and free­dom. ARKEN’s Sculpture Park extends as a mental and physical freespace around the Art Island. From Thilo Frank’s asymmetric labyrinth to Lea Gulditte’s body-like steel sculptures 17 works from ARKEN’s collection will frame this summer’s exhibition.

This year’s two main works My Floating Home and The Cloud’s Song are created specifically for the exhibition by the german artist Karolin Schwab. Through her art Karolin Schwab seeks to unfold the emotions and questions that arise in the encounter between the inner and outer landscapes; between human and nature.

Losing your ground

Closeness, a shared humanity and social relationships constitute the foundations for the works in the sculpture park. These are also themes that recur in the two new works by Karolin Schwab. The works form a dialogue with the surrounding landscape and the elements of nature, where both the sky and the sea are poetically reflected, and completed, in the sculptures. Landscapes are always the point of departure for Schwab, whose artistic practice takes inspiration from the art genre, Land Art.

Do you know the feeling of losing your foothold? Of how hard it can be truly to feel at home? Or how the floor never quite stands still? A light, red steel frame creates the form of the floating house which this summer will occupy the space in the lagoon that runs around ARKEN. The currents in the lagoon form a mutable foundation for the house, which with its fragile steel frame is abandoned to the motion of the sea. Perhaps you are wondering about the empty house – what is it doing here, in the middle of Strandparken’s lagoon? It is easy to relate to this feeling of leaving home, moving on into life or being on unstable ground. The great cultural diversity of Ishøj, where more than 100 different ethnicities have settled, resonates topically in the floating home.

The works invite us to form new perspectives on ourselves, each other and our surroundings.


Astrid Myntekær, The Hermit, 2018. Collection of ARKEN.

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