ARKEN holds a wide range of activities for families with children.


CREATIVE is ARKEN’s workshop, which with its open and light architecture provides the optimum opportunity for working with drawing, painting, sculptures and learning about materials and media. The two wings are used regularly for teaching purposes; one wing is designed like a workshop with space for practical work, while the other wing is designed to work with digital media. The middle room is an open workshop, where children and adults can get together to draw or read. Children are welcome to hang their drawings up on the large magnetic walls.

The materials in CREATIVE are sponsored by AV FORM.

Family Workshop

Every Sunday ARKEN offers an open family workshop from 12-15 in the workshop CREATIVE. The activities in the workshop are inspired by the current exhibitions.

The workshop is free of charge.

The Family workshop is sponsored by A/S Rødovre Centrum.


Holiday workshops

During school holidays, ARKEN arranges workshops, concerts etc. for children and young people (in Danish).

During the summer holiday in week 27 and 32, ARKEN offers a summer school for children. Tuesday-Friday from 10 am-2 pm, they will be introduced to the indoor and outdoor exhibitions and do different creative activities together with one of ARKEN’s art educators. The price is 650 DKK for children from Ishøj Kommune and 850 DKK for others. The summer school will be held in Danish.

Sign up by contacting [email protected]

The beach

In the summertime you may conclude your visit with a visit to the beach. The rest of the year offers many opportunities to explore the varied animal life of the beach park in the area around the museum.