High schools

ARKEN provides teaching programmes and special outreach programs for high schools.
High schools


ARKEN provides teaching programmes and digital and practical workshops using its permanent collection, special exhibitions and architecture. We also provide special courses on site at schools, prepared together with the teachers.

Duration     Price                          Format

90 min.        700 DKK                    Dialogue-based teaching with iPad exercises

180 min.    1.250 DKK                    Dialogue-based teaching with workshop

(Week-long course 400 DKK/pr.hour)

ARKEN Outreach

Food for thought and decision-making

ARKEN offers community outreach programs for young people between the ages of 15 and 25 who are looking for inspiration and guidance to help them make the right decisions about their education. The museum’s exhibitions offer inspiration to help you articulate your wishes for the future and see yourself in a whole new context. Courses are developed in partnership with community youth and education centers.

The aim of the courses is to build young people’s professional and individual skills and help them clarify their education choices. Courses are in the form of workshops, with guidance counseling and mutual dialogue.

Introduction to creative education programs

ARKEN will serve as a link between learning institutions and young people. ARKEN’s staff will acquaint you with education opportunities in the arts and other creative pursuits at youth and adult education levels.

For further information please contact Gunnar Munksgaard, phone: 51 67 02 44 or [email protected]