Using dialogue and practical exercises, we create an excellent setting for nursery children in the museum. We provide two sessions for nursery children, each of a 90-minute duration.

Session 1: On-board ARKEN

ARKEN has a very particular architecture. We pretend we are on-board a giant ship and go on an adventure in the ship’s rooms. Along the way we investigate how you can experience things using not just your eyes, but also your ears, nose, fingertips and your whole body. We also get to meet the ship’s captain. We end the session at ARKEN’s workshop, CREATIVE, where children add their own contribution to the story from foam, skewers and other fun materials.

Learning objectives

• Experiencing space and architecture
• Using the senses and the body
• Putting words to an experience
• Creating own sculptural expressions using a variety of materials


Session 2: Entering the picture

This session begins in ARKEN’s workshop. Here we will make small figurines (self-portraits), which we will use in the exhibition. The figurines go on an exciting journey into some of the paintings in ARKEN’s exhibitions. What happens to them? What stories can we create together?

Learning objectives

• Experiencing the figurative expression
• Introducing paintings and figurative stories/reading pictures
• Experience through empathetic and playful approaches
• Putting words to everything you see
• Creating your own figurative expressions


Practical information


Age: 4-5 years

Number: Max. 10 children

Duration: 90 min.

Price: DKK 600


For more information contact ARKEN Education by emailing: [email protected]

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