ARKEN provides teaching programmes and digital and practical workshops for pupils in primary school.


ARKEN provides teaching programmes and digital and practical workshops using its permanent collection, special exhibitions and architecture. We also provide special courses on site at schools, prepared together with the teachers.

Duration     Price                          Format

90 min.        700 DKK                    Dialogue-based teaching with iPad exercises

180 min.     1250 DKK                    Dialogue-based teaching with workshop

Week-long course 400 DKK/pr.hour



Kickstart: Weeklong course

KICKSTART is a course – typically lasting one week – which is planned together with the teachers. Together we define the academic goal and an academic focus area to create the biggest possible cohesion between the pupils’ learning at school and at the museum.

The content varies according to year groups and subjects taught. A weeklong course can be prepared with a focus on Danish, art or another subject.
Together we plan which weekdays the pupils are at the museum and which days are to be used for further development at school.

KICKSTART’s basic modules

Based on our experience, we have developed a basic structure for KICKSTART. The modules serve as a foundation for the course, but can be adapted as desired.

Module 1: Introduction at the school
The week’s topic is introduced using practical exercises at the school. The museum teachers and pupils get to know each other before the visit to ARKEN.

Module 2: 1st workshop day at ARKEN

Experiencing art is key to the visit. Reflection and practical exercises in groups, which work towards an independent task.

Module 3: 2nd workshop day at ARKEN.
Pupils work in groups on an independent task.

Module 4: Working at school
The three basic modules serve as the basis for further work at school.

Parent event:
The course concludes with a festive parent event at ARKEN. In our experience pupils are proud and confident as they show their family round the museum.

60 minutes’ planning meeting at ARKEN – for teachers and museum teachers 90 minutes’ intro to the school 2 x 180 minutes’ workshop at ARKEN.