A vibrant account of humanity’s fascination with the beauty and fragility of flowers.

4 September 2021 to 9 January 2022


Marc Quinn, Bhasat Milap at Assi Ghat, 2010. ARKEN Museum of Modern Art. Photo: ARKEN

In the autumn of 2021, the exhibition Flowers in Art awaits. Cross-pollinating stories about flowers in old and contemporary art, the exhibition delves into a sensuous world full of vitality, fragility and beauty.

Alhed Larsen, Rhododendron, 1887-1927. Johannes Larsen Museum. Photo: Jens Frederiksen

Sumptuous and sensitive

We cannot get enough of flowers! With their beauty, lushness and fragrance, they stimulate our senses and have a therapeutic effect on our wellbeing. We surround ourselves with flowers in our homes and use them as symbolic gestures in the most sensitive of situations – to express love, to celebrate and to mourn. In other words, flowers are deeply integrated in our lives. The exhibition tells the story of humanity’s fascination and relationship with the world of flowers.


Historical roots and seeds of the future

As a motif in art, the flower has enjoyed several heydays. One of these was the nineteenth century’s soulful depictions of the beauty and power of flowers, which were part of a general quest to understand the essence of nature and the interconnectedness of the world. Floral themes have a different significance in art today, where scientists warn us against biodiversity crises and young people take to the streets to raise awareness of climate change. The Romantic idea of unspoiled nature has been abandoned, and instead contemporary artists rethink the relationship between flower and man in works that are full of sensibility, humour and critique.

The exhibition presents works by international and Danish artists working with a wide range of artistic modes of expression. Covering a time span of 200 years, it brings older and contemporary art together, thereby creating a space for reflection on the historical roots that have shaped our view of nature while also raising questions about our existence now and in the future. Visitors can look forward to a seductive exhibition full of thought-provoking, immersive works created by artists ranging from Alhed Larsen and Anna Syberg to Marc Quinn and Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg.