Get carried away by images of women from over 150 years in ARKEN’s special exhibition that focuses on the many varied representations of women throughout art history and raises important and topical questions about femininity, body ideals and gender identity.

5 February to 14 August 2022


Elina Brotherus, Miroir, 2001 (video still). ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

Mother, muse, madonna – sex object, natural being, career woman? Art history is teeming with images of women portrayed as both ideals and individuals, in both restrictive and liberating narratives. The exhibition WOMEN illustrates how views on women and gender have evolved throughout the last 150 years of art history – from the 1870s women’s movements to 2017 when #MeToo went viral. The exhibition’s many narratives are full of life experience and fighting spirit and demonstrate that stereotypical and traditional female roles have been substantially challenged – for what does femininity really mean?

Johannes Larsen, Morning sun, year unknown. Johannes Larsen Museet. Photo: Ole Friis

From the fight for suffrage to #MeToo

The exhibition WOMEN shows the many and varied representations of women in art history – from early modernism to the latest contemporary art.  Some women have followed the changing norms of the times. Others have gone against them. The exhibition focuses on how women have been portrayed, and how women artists themselves have produced counter narratives to the ever-changing perceptions of women and gender. In art, philosophy and political debate, some myths about women have been shattered, while others are still alive and well. How should a woman dress? What should her body look like? When is she too much, or too little? WOMEN tells the stories behind the historical breakthroughs that have taken place, and at the same time it reports from our current time when questions about body ideals, gender identity and femininity are again up for debate.


Simone de Beauvoir

The blank pages of art history

WOMEN showcases works by artists who work to challenge gender discrimination in the art world and rectify history. In ARKEN’s newly acquired installation About: The Blank Pages, the artists Ditte Ejlerskov and EvaMarie Lindahl confront the popular publisher Taschen with its lack of publications on women artists. In fact, do we only know half of our art history?

WOMEN shows works by Danish and international artists from a broad span of artistic expressions over the past 150 years. Look forward to a sensuous and thought-provoking exhibition with artworks by Sophie Holten, Johannes Larsen, Marie Krøyer, Mona Hatoum, Marlene Dumas, Tove Storch, Ditte Ejlerskov, EvaMarie Lindahl and many more.


EvaMarie Lindahl and Ditte Ejlerskov, About: The Blank Pages, 2014-20. ARKEN Museum of Modern Art