Video art is for you too! ARKEN’s new zone for children and young people presents a programme of video art. You can hang out here with friends and family, while the oddest things happen on the screen.

9 February 2023 to 25 February 2024


Mika Rottenberg, Sneeze, 2012 (videostill)

Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, Grating Onions, 1995 (videostill)

Chops and rabbits

Ah-choo! Strange men in suits sneeze chops and rabbits. A brave toad fights its way through an obstacle course in a gym. Tears stream down cheeks while onion after onion is shredded in a grater. And a man stumbles down an endless stairway like an awkward clown. But is it an accident?


‘To move something’ means ‘to make something move’. How can it look when the body makes something move? When we move, we lose control of our body, or we can find that the world is not adapted to our body.

Our bodies are different and may move in different ways. We can also cause bodily reactions in others. We can be moved by something – laugh wildly or bubble over with happiness. But we can also get stomach pains and experience that our bodily limits are strained.

Relax and enjoy the video works
The video works can be seen in ARKEN’s foyer, where a lounge for children and young people has been set up. Take off your shoes, sit down and relax. Let a succession of fantastic video artists inspire you to explore how movements can affect you and your body, your way of being with others, expressing yourself and feeling your boundaries.

Artists in the video programme: Melanie Bonajo, Ingela Ihrman, Peter Land, Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen and Mika Rottenberg. More video works will gradually be added.