Vision & Mission

ARKEN’s vision

ARKEN’s mission statement

ARKEN must be an international museum with strong regional moorings.

ARKEN must present the finest Danish and international art.

A museum of art is part of society’s educational project for its citizens, as schools and universities are. The task of the art museum is to communicate research-based information about the interpretations of life that are found in art.

Communication of the insights found in art contributes towards stimulating the individual citizen’s cultural identity and independent participation in democratic development. Therefore ARKEN addresses all walks of life

A visit at ARKEN should be an intellectual, aesthetic and emotional challenge, based on quality, insight and contemplation.

ARKEN must form an active part of, and thus put its stamp on the cultural development nationally, as well as internationally. ARKEN must influence the cultural development to the benefit of the nation’s citizens.

ARKEN’s purpose and area of responsibility

ARKEN is a nationally recognised museum. By collecting, registering, storing, researching and communicating in the world of modern art, ARKEN’s goal is to safeguard Denmark’s cultural heritage. The museum aims to spread knowledge of and highlight conditions and changes in modern art.

ARKEN is a local, regional and international art museum. ARKEN is suitable for all ages, with particular focus on communicating with children and young people. ARKEN works positively and reciprocally with other art museums, both locally and internationally.

ARKEN is constantly strengthening its collection and exhibiting new works. The collection is made available for research. In years to come, the museum will strengthen the way it communicates results from both the museum’s own research and other research based on the museum’s collection.