Your safe ARKEN visit

ARKEN has the space for enjoying the art safely, while following the current COVID-19 restrictions

As a guest at ARKEN, your safety is our paramount concern. We follow the recommendations and guidelines of the Danish health authorities and have introduced a range of measures to make your visit to ARKEN safe and secure.

No corona passport/COVID certificate needed to visit ARKEN

When you visit ARKEN, you no longer need to present a valid COVID-19 certificate (‘corona passport’).

Please note! You still need a valid corona passport to visit ARKEN CAFÉ. Your corona passport must document one of the following:

  • That you have been vaccinated the first out of two times (valid from 14 days after the first vaccination until 42 days after the first vaccination.)
  • That you have had COVID-19 within a period from 180 to 14 days prior to the day of your visit.
  • A negative COVID-19 test:  Antigen/rapid test (valid for 72 hours) or PCR test (valid for 96 hours).

You must also present valid ID (e.g. passport, driving license or health insurance card). Children under 16 are exempt.


No Covid passport is required from people who, for either medical reasons or as a result of a physical or mental disability, should not have a Covid-19 test performed.

Your safe ARKEN visit

The Art Axis at ARKEN

Visit ARKEN without  pre-booking

It is not possible to book time slots or timed tickets for ARKEN’s exhibitions. You can still buy your ticket upon arrival at the museum.

At ARKEN, we continuously monitor the number of visitors at the museum and in the individual exhibition rooms in accordance with the authorities’ guidelines. Information on these guidelines is available upon arrival at the museum. Hand sanitiser is provided at selected spots. Contact points, such as self-pay stations and elevators, are cleaned with extra frequency, and plexiglass guards have been set up at the ticket sales desk, shop and café.

ARKEN CAFÉ. Photo: Thomas Nielsen


ARKEN CAFÉ follows the guidelines issued by the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs, for example by providing extra space for each guest.

Bringing your own food

Visiting schools and institutions are welcome to bring their own food and enjoy it in the dining area in ARKEN’s cloakroom. Other guests are kindly referred to ARKEN’s outdoor areas for picnics.

Rollators/walkers, wheelchairs and strollers

Visitors are welcome to use their own strollers, walkers, wheelchairs and baby carriers. The museum’s elevators are reserved for strollers and people with walking difficulties; no more than two people are allowed inside at a time.